Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Half Way Done!!!

Well, I don't know how big my glass is, or whether it's half empty or half full - but I do know that I am half way done with treatment today!!! Now if I could just improve on the "half-energy" in the evenings. :)
Thanks again for all of your support and prayers. We are blessed.

- Nick


  1. Great news!!!
    I hope your energy increases soon.
    Prayers continue!

  2. Hooray! I already had a BIG glass of wine. Well done Nick Thomm!! Love all of you Thomms. xxx

  3. Half Full! Prayers coming your way!

  4. Hey guys, the blog is awesome! I bet everyone in the hospital just ADORES Sarah. :) She is so darling. Anyway, we're praying every day for all of you. Love you lots, and keep the updates coming... XO

  5. My experience has been that you would NEVER allow your glass go half-empty.... ;)

    Thanks for the update! The Steubenville Prayers continue!

  6. You have been on our hearts lately, so we've been praying extra hard. You all are a HUGE example to us. Love and prayers...John and Jody


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